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Current Production

Performance dates
May 8th-9th,
14th -16th, 2015

All performances at 7:30pm


Tickets: 815-232-7023
$15 per person

inneshiek Players Current Season Performances.

All performances at 7:30pm unless indicated differently.



By Harold Pinter

September 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 2014

The play begins in the present, with the meeting of Emma and Jerry, whose adulterous affair of seven years ended two years earlier.  Emma’s marriage to Robert, Jerry’s best friend, is now breaking up and she needs to talk to someone.  Their reminiscences reveal that Robert knew of their affair all along and, to Jerry’s dismay, regarded it with total nonchalance.  Thereafter, in a series of contiguous scenes, the play moves backward in time, from the end of the Emma-Jerry affair to its beginning, throwing into relief the little lies and oblique remarks that, in this time-reverse, reveal more than direct statements, or overt actions ever could.

Directed By Stephanie Thompson Perkins




By Tom Dudzick

December 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 2014
Andy has a sweet Catholic mother, a sour Catholic father and a severely mentally challenged younger brother named Mickey. When he brings his Jewish atheist fiancé to meet the folks on Christmas Eve, his worst fears about family blow-ups are realized. But when Mickey, whose entire vocabulary, has been limited to "oh boy" and "wow," suddenly spouts the word "Greetings!" the entire family's belief system is turned upside down, for it seems an ancient, wise and witty spirit who is set upon healing the family's wounds has borrowed Mickey's body!

Directed By Vicki HooperDirected by ????





By Ira Levin

March 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 2015

Seemingly comfortable in his charming Connecticut home, Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a "dry" spell which has resulted in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. A possible break in his fortunes occurs when he receives a script from a student in the seminar he has been conducting at a nearby college—a thriller which Sidney recognizes immediately as a potential Broadway hit. Sidney's plan, which he devises with his wife's help, is to offer collaboration to the student, an idea which the younger man quickly accepts. Thereafter suspense mounts steadily as the plot begins to twist and turn with devilish cleverness, and with such an abundance of thrills and laughter, that audiences will be held enthralled until the final, startling moments of the play.

Directed by Tom Myers



True West

True West
By Sam Shepard

May 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 2015
Sons of a desert dwelling alcoholic and a suburban wanderer clash over a film script. Austin, the achiever, is working on a script he has sold to producer Sal Kimmer when Lee, a demented petty thief, drops in. He pitches his own idea for a movie to Kimmer, who then wants Austin to junk his bleak, modern love story and write Lee's trashy Western tale.

Directed by Tana Gundry


Plays and dates subject to change.

A complete list of past season performances is also available for download.


228 W Clark Street